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Saturday, October 26 2013 3:10 PM

Finally, Opened. Hooray~~~

It's been a long time for staying "under construction (coming soon..)"

The day has come.

The main reason I could not open this site is laziness. I could not find suitable site automation engine or package to use, either.

Recent packages are too complex to use or maintain. Once I have found something not satisfied, I have to struggle to find the right code to change.

Whereas, if I return back to only HTML-based site by making all pages by myself, it would be worse.

What I found the haroopress is quite lucky. I was searching the documentation about setting up gitlab for my private git repository. I found an article for this, and the site was made with haroopress.

The explanation of haroopress is very focused on me.

This site is static HTML site generated by haroopress engine.

The generation core is based on javascript and the page editing is based on markdown. Javascript is very familiar to handle for fixing or improving to me. I guess that learning the syntax of markdown does not take much time although I do not know much about it because it is the template pattern for providing page editing easily.

I have plan to fill this site up with the tips and knowhow about ns-3 network simulator and programming skills.

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