About This Site

이 사이트는 haroopress 엔진으로 생성된 정적 페이지 기반의 웹 사이트입니다.


Hyon-Young Choi

1. Packages / Dependencies

Optware packages

package source of TS-212 is at http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/optware/cs08q1armel/cross/unstable

Update ipkg package list.

# ipkg update


Customized service configuration with Optware.

1. Install Optware

On QTS, App Center -> Developer Tools -> Optware IPKG

Click Add to QTS


Once installed, you can install packages supported by Optware using ipkg command or web-ui. I prefer the command line tool.


pmip6ns is originally provided from this site.

As I renew the site with haroopress, pmip6ns pages are migrated.

You can get the page here or just press pmip6ns link of head menu.



The tutorial in haroopress.com explains only how to publish to github.com with git. However, I have site with hosting account not with github.com. Hence, I should publish manually by using FTP.

While I am searching web, I found a page which is requesting the method to publish using rsync, but no solution appeared.

So, I tried to figure out how to publish using rsync with my hosting account. Here is the way I used.

Modified I have added --delete option to rsync.



Finally, Opened. Hooray~~~

It's been a long time for staying "under construction (coming soon..)"

The day has come.

The main reason I could not open this site is laziness. I could not find suitable site automation engine or package to use, either.

Recent packages are too complex to use or maintain. Once I have found something not satisfied, I have to struggle to find the right code to change.

Whereas, if I return back to only HTML-based site by making all pages by myself, it would be worse.